What is Pranic Energy Healing (PEH)?
What are its uses and applications?
Why is it easy to learn? How valuable is this knowledge?

From mothers, nurses and doctors to employees, entrepreneurs and practitioners of other modalities, Pranic Energy Healing has been taught to well over 100,000 people globally by its Founder - Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui and Maa Charlotte Anderson, His spiritual partner - and by the hundreds of instructors worldwide.

Leo Boccardi is a PEH Instructor - directly authorized by Maa Charlotte Anderson, Founder of The Inner Sciences Foundation.

 Pranic Energy Healing is an ancient method of balancing the physical body, the personality, one's life and environment.

 This method uses knowledge about the existence of the Energy Bodies - which surround and infuse the physical body with Vital Life Force. This 'Life Force' is contained within every aspect of Life and may be directed from one person to another, to an object, to plants, to one's business or to anyone or anything that requires Energetic Support, Harmonizing or Strengthening.

 Join us in this introductory workshop to Learn about the history of modern Pranic Energy Healing and its five (5) levels; including their specific and complementary applications. Learn powerful techniques to increase your energy levels - which allow you to become a more proficient PEH practitioner from the very first class.

Understand the Foundation Principles of Pranic Energy Healing and why it is considered as the most effective form of energy-based treatment by its practitioners!

 A special offer for Pranic Energy Healing - Level 1 will be received by every person attending this workshop!



Prendre sa vie en main en nourrissant sainement son corps, son esprit et son âme pour atteindre le bien être et le soutenir.
L’atelier-conférence vous permettra :

·         De démystifier l'alimentation vivante en introduisant des habitudes quotidiennes, faciles et simples à incorporer dans le quotidien mais qui auront un impact certain à tout les nivaux de votre être.
·         D’apprendre à augmenter votre niveau d’énergie et garder votre corps énergisé tout au long de la journée.
·         D’apprendre une recette facile, délicieuse, économique et pleine de nutriments que grands et petits adoreront. (fait avec le fameux Thermomix, votre assistant culinaire indispensable)
·         D’apprendre une façon de vivre qui vous remplira d’enthousiasme, de joie et d'énergie.
·         D’être inspiré à introduire plus d'aliments crus et vivants dans le quotidien.
·         D’obtenir des références pour vous procurer des équipements et tout ce donc  vous avez besoin pour ce style de vie.
·         D’apprendre qu’est-ce que l’Institut Hippocrates de West Palm Beach et qu’est-ce que le programme ‘changement de vie’ vous procure.
·         D’apprendre qu’est-ce que le ‘EFT’ ou la technique de libération émotionnelle. Une technique efficace qui permet de reprogrammer notre subconscient, de se libérer des blessures du passés et des croyances erronées et de réintroduire des pensées constructives et inspirantes, ainsi que le pouvoir de la visualisation et des affirmations.
·         D’apprendre à bien respirer et de relaxer.


Leo Boccardi


Passion Santé est une entreprise familiale Québécoise, qui conçoit le DUO TOFU ET GERMOIR. Un contenant très polyvalent qui permet de faire à la maison notre propre tofu et notre germination.

Workshops Hall 91

Carole Gagnon



For a while now I've been walking this quest to what I call invincible health, and throughout this walk I've learnt, and applied a many of things through experimenting on this body, trial & error and upon each and every doorway I've walked through, the doorways of health and dieting philosophies, esoteric and Eastern philosophies, raw foods, superfoods, herbs and natural medicines, other holistic methods and tools of health; I've adopted a many of these things in which I am always reinventing my whole being mind & body to become the best authentic model of Derik that I can be and share with the world. 

Along this quest I fell in love with the art of alchemy, learning to infuse herbs, superfoods, raw foods, in various combinations crafting elixir drinks, decadent heart opening healthy chocolates, and a handful of recipes that feed the body on every aspect enjoying the process all along the way. 

I also adopted certain esoteric, and Eastern philosophies of health, longevity and spirituality and learnt to incorporate that into this art of alchemy that I use as a creative outlet. Health & medical philosophies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Taoist philosophy of The Three Treasure system are approaches that I've adopted and have been practicing, studying and applying everyday, and have use a base that I revolve my personal health approach as well as a longevity strategy around of.

I have worked for a number of raw food companies as a prep chef, sous chef, menu designer, manager assistant, eventually adopting the self-claimed title as a private chef & life coach that I've earned along the way of developing a clientele base designing personal consultations, dietary - whole foods supplement based programs and blueprints for a structured health and wellness path.

To this day I've founded a company known as Alcami Elements Inc which is a company that strives to bring forth high quality herbal extract powders combined in formulas that we develop in Montreal to empower the people, and we believe that in order to empower the people that one must begin with the body and feeding the body the appropriate elements to promote the kind of energy thats required to attain states of high performance and Empowerment. 

 Our herbal extract formulas revolve around esoteric, and Eastern philosophies such as TCM and The Three Treasure system. Our herbs are combined in strategic and intelligent ways to pronounce one of these most important keys to health - Balance. 

Health Educator graduated from the Hippocrates Health Institute, Carole Gagnon is a Dharma Express trained Coach.  She spent 10 years in California at the Self Realization Fellowship Ashram (SRF), to reinforce her spiritual and mediation practice.  She has studied Yoga with famous Dr. Bali.  In her wellness coaching, she uses visualization, affirmations and EFT Techniques.  She coaches face-to-face and on Skype around the World.

 ‘Que ton aliment soit ton médicament’ - Hippocrates

with Carole Gagnon

PEH Life : Unveiling How to Use Pranic Energy Healing in Every Day Life!

with Leo Boccardi

Soulful Wellness Connection Workshop

with Yvonne St Louis



Be empowered with a Practical Life Tool to be connected and aligned head and heart helping keep your heart open, edging out the ego mind and what keeps you feeling stuck, upset or disconnected.

Discover how to give attention to what is important, keeping your heart open and connect with your feelings and needs by owning your experience in a transparent and powerful way to eliminate frustrations or pressure, and quickly move forward with a way that will help you:

- How to be with more Presence, Awareness, Discernment, Soul
- How to trust yourself more and be grounded in your reality
- How to feel safe to make your decisions and take inspired action through clarity and focus, and feel connected through a strong channel.

A Social Entrepreneur and a Spiritual Empowerment Coach with over 15 years experience, Leo is an Instructor of The Inner Sciences Foundation:  a school dedicated to Increasing your Well Being through Improving Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Material Success and Spirituality!

He is the Founder of the Awakened Living coaching program and the Energy Living Retreats & Mentorship program - where students become spiritually empowered by learning and applying powerful teachings on spirituality and subtle energy.

Leo has also developed Living Body - a holistic healing program using his expertise as a Pranic Energy Healing Instructor to focus on your physical, emotional, and psychological healing ; thereby restoring you to a Balanced, Healthy Body & Mind.




Yvonne St-Louis is President and CEO of Veridaiza Corp – Connect With Your Heart. Expert in connection, aligning needs, values, goals (personal professional) with money to live a fuller, yet simplified and richer life through meaning and purpose.
Yvonne’s knowledge of healing, self-growth, business and professionalism is supported by her 15 years’ experience with the Canadian Government in information technology and business analysis. Her entrepreneurship "calling to fully live her humanness" was revealed while still working in project management and business analysis.
She has over 9 years’ experience in healing, coaching and counseling with an emphasis on Connecting To Happiness and Success.

Books: Pure Intentions Of My Heart: Edging Out Ego (official release July 7, 2015)

Co-Author of A Woman’s Guide To Self-Confidence: How To Build Confidence(official release August 2015)

Certified International Holistic Life Coach (emphasis on Mind, Body & Spirit)
Certified Money Breakthrough Method ® Coach
Certified Polarity and Therapeutic Touch Energy Healing

Professional Organizations:
International Association of Women in Coaching
Réseau des Femmes d’Affaires du Québec

Professional Spotlight:
Yvonne is followed by OWN, (Oprah Winfrey Network) via Twitter as a result of her contributions in the community of Super Soul Sunday community.

Caroline Pormeleau


Comment faire votre germination et la fabrication
du tofu

Avec  Caroline Pormeleau

Pure Wellness Expo

 Resourceful Education for Health Life Transformation


In this workshop we will be exploring the superior treasure of Jing, from The Three Treasure system and how Jing is the centre of our health, longevity and inner power. 

We will be exploring long revered and legendary herbs that correspond to this concept of Jing and how we can incorporate these herbs everyday in an delicious elixir beverage, enjoying the process all along the way of nourishing this energy of Jing. 

We will also be covering how Jing translates into our body, health, aging, libido, healing and our overall adaptive power. 


Vous y verrez les étapes de la germination et pourrez goûter à différentes germinations pour vous inspirer lors de vos repas. Vous verrez également la création du tofu à partir de la fève de soya et pourrez goûter le tofu « fait maison »!!


Jing, The Art of Rejuvenation & Invincible Vitality

with Derik Singh


Derik Singh

Yvonne St Louis