Mandala: A Transformative Art

avec Jessica Romano


Karine Ayotte &
Samantha May

Wisdom of my body: my true story from death to life
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Jessica Romano

Dali Sanschagrin

Journaliste-beauté depuis 20 ans, Dali Sanschagrin est convaincu que l’on peut très bien entretenir son épiderme uniquement avec le support et la richesse des huiles végétales. Il y a plus de 10 ans, de retour du Maroc, elle faisait découvrir l’huile d’argan aux Québécois. Aujourd’hui, elle nous fait découvrir sa nouvelle passion, l’huile de pépins de figue de Barbarie.

Lors de l’atelier, elle nous aidera à distinguer les différentes qualités de ces huiles provenant du Magreb, nous présentera ses autres huiles de prédilection et nous apprendra comment les utiliser au quotidien.

La magie des huiles végétales !

avec Dali Sanschagrin

" A Mandala in its highest tantric representation is a symbolic pattern of light and sound, reflecting the evolution of the universe and the supreme, blissful realization of the soul or Higher-Self "
        ~ Judith Cornell ~   Luminous Symbols for Healing
Creating a Mandala helps you to raise your creative energies to be
an inspired soul allowing light to flow through you.

In this Mini Mandala Creation Workshop you will sit in brief meditation and with humble receptivity ask to have revealed to you the perfect symbol for expressing your soul's nature ~ a symbol that can lead you to a deeper relationship with the divine within you.Facilitator, Jessica Romano, Naturopath and Creative Soul

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Wisdom of my body is a blog i created soon after I went out of Hospital. Staying two months in my hospital bed, meditating all day and reflecting on my life’s event, I understood a lot of things about me and about my family. My blog is about being authentic to myself and tell the truth as it is for my own well being and also for the sake of speaking the truth of my heart. My blog is about being true to yourself no matter what it is. It is putting in priority your own self expression, your uniqueness and living your divine self. It is about listening only to your inner voice and no longer to all the people around you, especially friends and family, about what you “should” or “should not” be doing. Trust in your own voice, in your capacity to know what it is you truly want and know that what you want is not crazy, it’s not impossible, it is simply unique to you. To get to that place of truth, Gaia, our beloved Mother Earth has given me new air, new life in my lungs. I speak to her, i love her, i hear her and she hears me back. She supports me in my journey of self expression, she is making it possible for me. Connecting with her at that level has changed my life, my ways of seeing the world and my way of eating. I now am eating raw food knowing every time i do, i am ingesting and embodying her consciousness, her love and her strength. My physical and emotional body healed thanks to her. 


Born in Lebanon, I grew up here in Canada Montreal as my parents came to live here when i was just a few weeks old. As my life went by, between school, work, a daughter to my parents, a sister and finally a wife to my husband, i lived lots of good times but also some very heavy and stressful moments. My life with my family and marriage were beautiful in so many ways but also was a big wake up call to me at some point of my life. Falling into several events of dark moments, feeling afraid and unable to express myself, i ended up separated with my husband, aggressed physically and I finally ended up in Hospital in a very critical situation of life and death. I hit the lowest point of my life in those days and that is where my story starts and that is when the realization of my truth takes life in me. Today, i am eager to share my story as it is, to be authentic to myself and to the world about my evolutions, my “mistakes” and my greatest discoveries of myself. Hoping to create the space for your own authenticity and for unlimited potential in your life, I believe and know from the bottom of my heart that we are are greatest teachers to ourselves and we only know what we really want. Nobody, not even the closest person to you can tell you what you are and what you want. Trusting in yourself in one of my biggest messages to you.

SOUL REFLECTION: Archétypes et SoulCollage®

with Karine Ayotte & Samantha May



Jessica Romano is creating a legacy of  enriching health and harmony inspired by determination and an unrelenting vision in guiding people to succeed to stand in their power so they can follow their passion.

When you follow your passion and do what makes your soul sing we make our world a much happier place. Committed and driven to each person's success by encouraging evolution based on the value they offer to others. Armed with a deep well of knowledge and personal experience clients call her a force of nature as she integrated the body mind and soul spectrum of healing modalities.

Passionate journeys require healthy bodies a sharp
 creative mind and a ton of soul energy .

Jessica is a Naturopath she owns and runs Fleur de Vie Holistic Center in Pointe Claire Village, Q.C   Offering Naturopathy, Meditation, Pranic  Energy Healing, Reiki , Hypnotherapy, Qi Gong, Cranio Sacral, Yoga, Dynamic Massage & Body Work Psychosomatic Emotional Release




SuJok Therapy was developed by a South Korean scientist, Prof.Park Jae Woo.
Sujok says body map is on hands and feet, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridians and it use two, five, six and eight energies, birth year date and interview to analysis the diseases and treat whole people not symptoms.
When an organ of our body is malfunctioning, its correspondence point on Hands and feet becomes tender and painful to touch. And when this is stimulated, it normalizes the pain as well as the affected organ.
It is drugs free treatment.We can treat with pressure, massage, color, light, magnet, seeds

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Artisane d'une médecine créative et transformatrice qu'elle souhaite partager, Karine utilise des techniques mixtes pour créer des oeuvres et des espaces poétiques, empreints de sens. Intervenante en psychoéducation, initiée à la psychologie sacrée et facilitatrice de SoulCollage® elle est profondément interpellée par le pouvoir des images ainsi que par la portée significative de l'art et des rituels. Le processus créatif est pour elle un puissant catalyseur de changement permettant de comprendre comment le monde autour et en nous connecte, de renouer avec les mystères de son âme, d'entrer en communion avec soi-même et avec ce qui nous entoure. 

Samantha accompagne des personnes de tous les âges dans la création de leur bien-être depuis 2000. Elle possède une maîtrise en dramathérapie de l'université de Concordia à Montréal et a continué de personnaliser et perfectionner son approche à travers des années. Depuis quinze ans, elle utilise les arts créatifs, les jeux théâtraux, le rite et le mouvement comme outils de compréhension et d’épanouissement; en pratique privé, en travail individuel et de groupe, dans les écoles, à l’hôpital ainsi que dans les organismes communautaires, centre de femmes etc. Même après ce temps, Samantha est toujours impressionnée par la portée et profondeur du travail quand les arts sont utilisés de façon intentionnelle. Leurs capacités d’unir, de libérer et guérir les êtres humains l'épate encore. Samantha a eu le privilège d’être témoin du pouvoir transformateur des arts, et a vu ces pratiques sauver des vies, aider à cesser l'automutilation, l'autodestruction et la toxicomanie ainsi que de redonner espoir et force des centaines de fois. La pratique de Samantha est enrichie de son propre processus créatif, de ses nombreux voyages, de ses rencontres et expériences avec shamans, maîtres et guérisseurs de partout dans le monde ainsi que de son expérience auprès des individus et groupes très variés qu'elle a accompagnés; des jeunes en fugue aux chefs d'entreprises. Elle vous invite à partager le fruit de ce vous rencontrer vous-mêmes...autrement. Elle vous invite à vous déposer, à vous accueillir et à oser faire de votre vie l'oeuvre d'art qui vous ressemble vraiment.



AmirJavad Darehshiri, Founder
RCRT, RAC Instructor and Reiki Master
Canadian Wellness Academy
L'Académie canadienne de bien-être


Jessica Aouad



My School “Canadian Wellness Academy” offers Programs Massage Therapy, Naturopathy and Naturopathy and we offer different courses like: Anatomy & Physiology, Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure, Baraka Healing and spiritual courses, Nutrition and Sujok & Kara Therapy for the first time in Canada. When student finish their program, they receive certificate and official receipt from Association ( they can officially work as a practitioner.

Sujok and Kara therapy

avec Amir Javad


Animatrice TV, chroniqueure radio, reporter et réalisatrice spécialisée dans le domaine de l'art de vivre, de la mode et de la beauté,
Dali Sanschagrin s'intéresse depuis toujours aux soins naturels, biologiques.
Ces nombreux reportages réalisés au Maroc et en Tunisie l'ont amené à découvrir des produits quasi-magiques qu'elle appelle "L'Or liquide".
Aujourd'hui, elle est tombée sous le charme de l'Huile de pépins de Figue de Barbarie de Naturology.
Lors de sa conférence, elle nous parlera de ces voyages et découvertes de produits éco-responsables et performants tout en étant glamour!
Venez à sa rencontre pour vous laisser emporter par sa passion pour ces matières divines!

Since the beginning of time human beings have used creative arts and ritual to understand and celebrate life. Inside each of us resides infinite potential and resources. Creative care allows us to reconnect with this place of natural blossoming. During this workshop you will be given the opportunity to live an interactive experience and an initiation in using these rich, deep and effective tools as a daily support to personal process. We invite you to learn about the power of metaphor, image and archetype as a way of relating to self and other.