Pure Wellness Expo

 Resourceful Education for Health Life Transformation

Organized by Reina Hallab founder of Raw Marketing Inc.

Reina will astonish you with her many diverse talents and her high energy for life. Her main area of expertise is to organize meaningful & life changing events!
Reina’s drive and contagious passion will make any event memorable & wonderful.

A Raw Vegan by heart, a spiritual individual by inspiration, and a Reiki Master by education, with all that, and thanks to her highly developed intuition, she will be able to help your energy flow in order to activate your body’s natural healing process.

Being in her presence & listening to her speeches will inspire you to reach for your dreams fearlessly & without limitations.

Reina is a true angel with a gift of being able to guide people towards their true potential.

Reina is also a Marketing consultant by profession. A graduate from the Lebanese American University ’02, with a Bachelor in Business Administration, emphasis Marketing. Holds a D.E.S.S from McGill University ’03 in E-Commerce.
She has a diversified experience in marketing and business development, all gained throughout her work experience with major companies in IT, Electronics, Energy, Aerospace and Food and Beverage industries in North America and the Middle East, with companies such Apple, Bombardier Aerospace and CGI, as well as the food related companies such as Crudessence, CookandEat-Lebanese.com and Rafaat Hallab 1881, in addition to different work sectors like renovation, banking and community work.

She is the main organizer of the successful event, “Natural Medicine for Mind, Body & Spirit” held at Dawson College in Montreal, in September 2015. Featuring main speaker within the healthy wholistic lifestyle such as Brian Clement, PhD, LN, Co-Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL, as well as Lina Audy, Certified Holistic Life Coach and Psycho-Neuro-Biology Specialist, Linda Frees, Author of Simply Sprouts – The Recipe Book, Certified Hippocrates Health Educator Healthy Easy Green, Mathieu Gallant, Co-Founder, Crudessence, RISE Kombucha, La Géosophie, Kylee Desilets, Coach, Mentor and Facilitator, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Vincent Bonhomme, Owner, Jardin d’Art de Coiffure, representing Marcapar Canada
& Other speakers like Sonia Pasqualetto, a Quebec Therapeutic Speaker, From biology to spirituality, passing by the emotions, intellectual and the energies.