Pure Wellness Expo

 Resourceful Education for Health Life Transformation

Many resourceful local vendors will be present to showcase their products, knowledge and information as well as having scheduled by donation activities including conferences by local experts, hands on workshops, live performers, yoga & energy work classes, & more.

This “PURE” event has been conceived with Love, Generosity, and foremost, creating the opportunities for people to learn, & receive the educational benefits of the many ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

As always we’ll sustain our educational core and supportive energy that makes us pioneers and trendsetters, providing opportunities for personal transformation & learning, social responsibility, soul healing and professional networking in a loving, non-competitive and co-creative atmosphere for both participants and attendees.

Our objective to showcase:

-Body-Mind-Spirit (Spirituality and Mindfulness), through Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dance, Body movements and more
-Health, Wellness & Self-care, through therapies like massotherapies, osteopathy, reflexology, acupuncture and more
-Healing Arts and Natural Resources (Reiki & energy work, Aromatherapy & essential oils, natural & medicinal herbs)
-Holistic Lifestyles & Healthy Living (Living Foods & Vegan, Nutrition, Gardening Organic, Natural and Local products and produces, etc…)
-Leadership, Success & Human Potential (Life & Business coaches, etc…)
-Green Living Resources, Sustainable Brands & Earth-Friendly Products
-Beauty, Self-Help & Personal Growth
-Holistic Parenting
-Holistic Pet Care
-Sports and challenges

Pure Wellness Expo, a tremendous gathering taking place at Ottima Wellness, the Integrative Health Facility in St-Jerome, QC, on June 26, 2016, 9am - 7pm, bringing to the communities in Quebec from north to south, west and east, all the necessary resources about preventive health care and healthy lifestyle choices from a holistic approach.

A fun, powerful and transformational day that will honor you, as essential element of society, as well as your family, and will also cater everything that makes our families & communities healthy, happy and whole!

It is the first Edition of “Pure Wellness Expo” a one of a kind Holistic Family Wellness Day. We are so proud and excited of this new adventure – It is free for the Public so Join us!

It’s an open invitation to pamper yourself, your family and group of friends with a day of self-discovery, inspiration and new connections.