Danielle Denichaud RHN, CY/CT, B.CS
Consultante en santé et nutrition holistique

Functional Training: Moving Intelligently for Full Body Harmony
with Danielle Denichaud

Sarah Turner

Sound healer


Prana Vinyasa Flow
with Saloua  Acharki

During “Rumi’s Ways of Love” Sufi Meditation ,Shams Al Habib will share The Baraka Heart activation with you, wich is a very ancient Sufi technique known as “Activation of Al Lataif” which are 7 sublte point around the heart chakra, this method is very helpful and powerful to connect the higher self with the lower self, the physical body with the spiritual & cosmic body in full balance and harmony. It helps also to remove all the energetic blockages from all the chakras. Shams also will sing and play Sufi music and some of Rumi’s poems. The power behind Shams's voice allows the listener to be transported to a place of peace and relaxation, where the most effective and profound transformations and healing may take place. the goal of her work is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into perfect balance.


Sound Healing is an energy based therapy from Asia with a rich history of over 5000 years. With a combination of instruments, the ancient rituals help soothe and guide a soul to finding true inner balance.
Sacred Sound Healing, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Shamanic Elements/Traditional Healing, Touch Therapy, Aromatherapy

Sacred Sound Healing

avec Sarah Surrenders


Imprégnée de plusieurs richesses culturelles, et passionnée par l’exploration de la nature humaine, Saloua a découvert le yoga en 2001 alors qu’elle était enceinte. Sa recherche du sens de la vie et sa quête sur le chemin d’éveil ont commencé depuis son jeune âge et l'ont amenée à vivre dans les 4 continents. Lors de ce cheminement, Saloua a exploré plusieurs voies dont le Yoga (Hatha, Sivananda, Iyengar et Bikram) et a suivi différentes formations dont entre autre la Naturopathie, la Méditation (pleine conscience, corps de lumière), le Reiki, la Communication Consciente, la PNL,

 Certifiée en Yoga Nidra et en Yoga Prana Vinyasa Flow®, une approche dynamique et contemporaine développée par Shiva REA. Saloua est une enseignante dynamique, active et chaleureuse qui accueille et éveille avec douceur, écoute et profondeur, les pratiquants de yoga  aux joies et à la magie du Prana Flow®, à travers les différents cours, ateliers et retraites.


Professional Certified Sound Healer, Legally Certified Spiritual Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Clairvoyant, Energy Worker, Nomadic Soul, Free Spirit, Bachelors from Mcgill in Anthropology and International Development, World Traveler.

Danielle Denichaud began her professional career as a professional contemporary dancer. She spend 8 years touring internationally before she was forced to quit due to digestive illness, intestinal disease and over 15 food sensitivities. Over the span of 15 years of study, experimentation and research, she healed herself of all ailments thanks to the wisdom of Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, symptomatologie, herbalism, the psychology of eating, mineral balancing and enzyme theory.

She works as a Holistic Nutrition and Preventative Health Consultant, Yoga Instructor ( Ashtanga for adults and Kundalini for children), Specialized Functional Trainer and Cognitive Tutor.







Drawing inspiration and conditional techniques from dance, Qi-Gong, calisthenics, martial arts and yoga, this Functional Training workshop will be as enjoyable as it is healthful for your blood circulation, and overall systemic and muscular coordination. In summary, a full body training, designed for all ages, that will leave you feeling revived, aligned and balanced.


Saloua Acharki

Rumi’s ways of Love Sufi music & meditation & Baraka Heart activation
with Shams al-Habib

Classes at the Hall 40

Pure Wellness Expo

 Resourceful Education for Health Life Transformation


Cet atelier est un voyage ressourçant qui vous plongera dans l’espace physique et énergétique du coeur pour  se connecter à la force de vie et éveiller, nourrir, et entretenir la flemme de votre coeur.

Venez expérimenter une pratique créative de Yoga Prana Vinyasa Flow®, qui intègre souffle, mouvements, mantra et musique, afin de stimuler l’ouverture du coeur, libérer le flot de la force vitale, éveiller en vous votre joie de vivre, approfondir votre connexion avec vous-même et les autres, pour vivre le flot de la vie avec confiance, fluidité et harmonie!

La pratique sera appropriée pour tous, aussi bien pour les débutants que pour les avancés. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’avoir déjà fait du yoga pour profiter de l’expérience. 

Le Yoga Prana Vinyasa Flow® est une approche globale transmise par Shiva Rea . Ses vingt-cinq dernières années d'enseignement lui ont permis de concevoir une approche synthèse innovatrice du yoga Vinyasa classique et de l'état de flot tel qu'enseigné par l'Ayurveda, le Bhakti Yoga, les enseignements de Krishnamacharya, les tantras et la somatique. Ce yoga repose sur des séquences créatives, innovatrices et évolutives qui permettent une expérience complète de yoga.


Shams al-Habib is the founder of Rumi's Ways of Love and Baraka Divine Healing Energy, she’s also a Sufi teacher, musician, singer, Reiki master, Massage therapist, Pranic Energy Healing consultant, intuitive healer and the daughter of the Egyptian music composer " Ibrahim Ragab".
The power behind Shams's voice allows the listener to be transported to a place of peace and relaxation, where the most effective and profound transformations and healing may take place.

The goal of her work is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into perfect balance.
She taught her new holistic technique “Baraka Heart activation” in Canada and in so many other countries like Egypt, France, USA, UK.
The name “Shams” is an Arabic word meaning “the sun” and she does her best to embody and radiate these same qualities. She is also humbled to share her name with "Shams Tabrizi" the Spiritual Master of Rumi, the great 13th century poet and sage.

This connection with Rumi has inspired her deep quest for spiritual knowledge and understanding. Through Sufism and the study of Rumi’s poems and literature, she has begun to quench this thirst for ancient knowledge and has been honored to share this overflow of wisdom and experience through the Rumi Ways of Love Meditation and Musical circles, and during The Sufi Seminars called Rumi’s Ways of Love, which she teaches several times a year.

Shams Al-Habib’s Accreditations:
BA in Translation Spanish, French and Arabic languages.
Member of The Canadian Association for Massage and Acupressure
Vice President of AISA ONG Canada “Association International Soufi Alaweya”
Founder and Master of "Baraka Divine Healing Energy"
Rumi's Ways of Love Sufi meditation circle & seminars founder
Certified Tui-Na Massage Therapist
Certified Acupressure Therapist
Reiki Master "Usui-Tibetan"
Certified Rokia Therapist
Consultant and Instructor of:
Pranic Energy Healing
Feng Shui

Shams al-Habib is the founder of Rumi's Ways of Love and Baraka Divine Healing Energy